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24/7 access to professionals surpassing industry standards


Agile Methodology

Iterative processes centered around your changing needs


Quality Results

Project deliverables guaranteed to satiate stakeholders


What is in a name?

"Potluck" represents a coming together of various backgrounds, abilities, skills, and outlooks to bring to fruition outcomes beyond individual achievement.

By the numbers:

7+       Industry Certifications

10+     Development Languages

10+     Combined Years of Experience

60+     Development Libraries Accessed

140+   Hours of Client Interface


Explore beyond the deliveribles

See the case studies that show some of our favorite efforts to solve your toughest problems. Beyond the final deliverables, are ideas with hours of effort and collaboration.


See what we are capable of

Across various sectors and knowledge bases, we pride ourselves on a well-rounded understanding of the world and of industry. View the competencies that allow us to leverage this knowledge and turn it into value.

Co-Founder, Project Manager


Co-Founder, Technical Liaison

Sean Joseph

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